Saturday, November 09, 2002

enchanted kingdom

A lot going on in the world of the enchanted Kingdom so I notice. I am still a little unsettled in Montana, but more and more at home with Jesus. One of the families in our house church in Missoula, The Colbry's are in Mexico celebrating their anniversary and planting Jesus in Villages in Mexico. I am really excited about this. They are working with existing ministries to share the message and help out villagers in Mexico.

Suprisingly in a pagan dominated city of Missoula, their is an all city gathering of Churches. While it is all protestant and includes a network or family of house churches. I see a lot of growth potential for this.I plan on working with some Orthodox and Catholic Churches to help bring them into the fold. I am excited to see it grow and work with the existing ministries to show that us "outsiders" or house churchers aren't really on the outside. We just are a little strange and consider ourselves aliens in a foreign city.

Been off blogging for awhile while I develop a new eministry for the folks who have left church, are leaving church, or are just looking for a safe place to leave religion behind and just cling to the Jesus of the New Testament. It's called The Journey. I will keep you all posted and you are all in my prayers.

Be God's

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