Tuesday, December 03, 2002

Sand and chocolate

Some creative ways to share your love of God, his creation and eachother. More right here.

Sand confession:

Take a smoth tray of sand. Symbolise in it why you ache, why you are disconnected from earth, from others, from God. Ask a friend to smooth the sand and remind you that God heals and renews.

With friends:

Find some chocolate gold coins. Take a coin each. Give the coin to someone and share one thing you are celebrating. Receive the coin and listen to one thing your friend is celebrating. Eat chocolate and say the prayer of community.

"Lord, we come before you not alone,
But in the company of one another
We share our happiness with each other,
And it becomes greater
We share our troubles with each other,
And they become smaller
May we never be too mean to give,
Nor too proud to receive
For in giving and receiving, We learn to be loved
We encounter the meaning of life, And discover You."

(From: Be our Freedom, by: Terry Falla)

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