Sunday, February 16, 2003

i was just putting aubrey to bed and got a glimpse of the fathers love. at one month (and a couple of days) she is tiny, only vaguely aware of what is going on around her and i only really hear from her when she's dirty, hungry, bored or needs someting. every now and then she'll smile or act like she knows who i am or something.

that's kind of how i am with god. the only time i really talk to him is if i have made a mess or need something. sometimes, if things are really good i'll give him a nod.

but i found myself whispering in aubreys ear "I love you soooo much" and knowing that is what the heavenly father is saying to me. "Jason, I love you sooo muuch."

no strings attatched.

i wish i heard from you more but i'll take every second i can get and my heart will swell when i do hear from you.

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