Friday, September 27, 2002

Tomorrow I'll be in Malaga on the south coast of Spain for the international leaders meeting of 24-7. Andrew is there already (fighting the 24-7 bulls), as well as Derek and Amy, whose 'prophetic wedding' we celebrated in Prague last June during the Inspiration Bohemia event.

The Americans like it big and up-front: a new movement known as the '30-Second Kneel Down' is sweeping the nation as high school students boldly kneel in prayer for the teachers, students, and administrators of their schools. The vision of this movement is 'to see a generational awakening come to the youth generation around the world, in order for them to reap a last days' harvest.'

Theoblogian Andrew responded to the '15 traits of a postmodern apostle' mentioned earlier. He called it the '15 trials of a postmodern apostle'. The first five are back-stabbing, thin wallet, red-eye, dumb tax and what-about-Bob's.

Friday, September 20, 2002

From VC network in Ohio

Here's an email from our friend Glenn Johnson. Glenn is a pastor in Oxford, OH (about 30 minutes outside Cincy) home of Miami University where our lovely Shaina goes to college. Glenn and his wife Kathy have visited with us on a couple occasions pounding us with thoughtful questions. We also sent a couple to hang out with them for a day.... so, long story shortened, they have to decided to launch house churches. There's lots of potential for a church planting movement in Oxford... this will be one to watch. These guys are sharp. Here's arecent email describing their decision... also he asks for some input (feel free to send them an email with any ideas... I also think it'd be great if some of us pursuing this decentralized,network of simple churches stuff would send them an email an say "Welcome aboard!" If you wanna do that his email is:

Here's the email he sent us...

> "Well, we've done it......... the Veritas CoreCommunity came together Sunday
> night and we've decided to launch 2 home churches on October 13th. We also
> decided to cut back to one worship gathering per month and focus on home
> church development.
> It was cool to see an eager consensus come about as we ate, prayed and talked
> together. We have been building up to this for months now and it is just
> splendid to see it around the corner.
> We want to have some sort of simple yet beautiful commissioning-type,
> sending-out service on the 29th.......something that would convey the
> ecclesiological significance of what we are endeavoring to do. I was
> wondering, being the green neophytes we are, what ideas could you shoot our
> way as to include in such a service? Any ideas on this and on what we should
> look out for as we begin our home churches would rock. It is obvious in many
> ways to us that God has brought you guys into our lives.......thanks for
> being available.
> Glenn"

Sunday, September 15, 2002

SYATP History

SEE YOU AT THE POLE This week, on Sep 18, over 3 million youth around the world will pray for their nation. See You At The Pole started in Texas in 1990 with just a few young people and has been growing ever since. It is now in 20 countries and is one of the largest youth prayer movements in the world. Read the SYATP History and find out how to be a part.
The tragic shooting at Fort Worth church in 1999, where 8 young people died, was a SYATP event. I was in Fort Worth that night, as a kick off to the Boaz Project. I feel this is a movement that God is using powerfully. They have already seen their martyrs and might one day see the great outbreaking of God''s grace that they are praying for.

Saturday, September 14, 2002

Tuesday, September 10, 2002

Youth in Australia and the Pacific are rising up to pray. This network is similar to the one we launched in Herrnhut.

Sunday, September 08, 2002

Barna: Sept. 11 produced little spiritual fruit

Barna on Sep 11. : Church attendance spiked for several weeks after Sept. 11, but it was a short-lived revival. By November, attendance numbers had fallen back to the same levels as before the attacks.
___Barna found little or no change over the last year in the percentage of Americans who read their Bible regularly (41 percent), attend church (43 percent) or pray (83 percent). The percentage of unchurched Americans remained constant at 33 percent.

Saturday, September 07, 2002

I put the pictures from the recent young prayer leaders gathering in Herrnhut online. Also check out the temporal website.

3,000 Swiss youth recovenanting with God for their nation. I just found the pictures of the Rütli event in April 2002. Seems pretty powerful to me. Also check out the main website.

Tuesday, September 03, 2002 Books | Top 10 Cities on Richard Florida's Creative Class Index

Top 10 Cities on Richard Florida's Creative Class Index

This morning’s requests: a San Franciscan is going to London and wants a postmodern church. An English girl is moving to Glasgow - same request. What did I suggest? Always different, of course, depending on who and what background they have, but I suggested Grace in London and a new church start in Glasgow led by the Christian Associates (based in Netherlands). The Glasgow team are very cool. One of them is French. They are hanging out in the Rave/Dance party scene and bringing life to the city of Glasgow, which is quite a tough city.

Sunday, September 01, 2002

The young prayer leaders meeting in Herrnhut was powerful and impacted all that attended. I put a little report on my weblog.