Monday, February 02, 2004

Can you help me get rid of a nuisance ?!

Some unfriendly people in Germany have written some very unfriendly stuff about me. That´s okay. People are free to say what they want. The problem is, that that their homepage is quite popular, so it is high up in Google. Whenever someone types in my name at google their bad stuff about me turns up on page one of the search. So anyone looking for me first gets to read that junk about me! YIKES.

Can you help me kick them out?

The best way would be to ask all your friends to make a link on their homepages to one of my homepages. That should get my own pages higher in Google and should be enough to kick them out of the first page of the google search! (providing you really have a number of nice friends...)

The Link could be to any (or even better all !!!) of my pages: [my German personal blog] [Stories about God and Berlin and both] [My internet shop for stuff on transformation of cities and people]

THANK YOU (and your friends!) A LOT!