Tuesday, March 25, 2003

"Turn around, for the Kingdom is about to come". Everywhere - in micro- and macrocosm - the Kingdom calls and motivates us to turn around; to think differently, to accept paradigm shifts. Most people like to think what the masses and media are telling them to think. Turning around is a daily routine - Martin Luther said: "I convert daily".

live from baghdad

live from baghdad its salam pax get a first account of the war from a guy who lives in baghdad

Sunday, March 23, 2003

I've uploaded the Graceway outdoor peace service if anyone wants to do a similar thing in their neighbourhood.

Thursday, March 20, 2003

Bombs started landing on Bagdad about 2:30 pm New Zealand time yesterday. A quick ring around and a group of us gathered publically in the local village square after work (7 pm). We had pre-prepared a short service. We laid out some candles and used chalk to write on the pavement an explanation of what we were doing. We read Scripture, thought about children, lit candles, prayed the Lords Prayer.

It was nice to be public with our faith. A number of bystanders joined us, thanked us or lit candles and moved on. It was beautifully peaceful, with the fountain splashing and candles glowing.

We'll do the same again tonight.

Thursday, March 06, 2003

Update from Europe

Time for an update from my side of the world...

David Sörensen, a young Belgian designer, developed several excellent websites for spiritual seekers in cyberspace: Real Life, Heavenisopen.com and Moreofgod.com. Check out the God Tour.

Redesigned the Joel News website. Check out what God is doing worldwide.

On my blogsite Marc's Messages I wrote some interesting stuff on 'Jesus groups' and other expressions of organic church. Also available is a report of the DAWN Europe consultation on churchplanting in Europe.

I worked on an overview of what's happening in the youth prayer scene in Europe, as a preparation for our Connect Europe team meeting in The Hague last weekend. Over the weekend we prayed and talked about the emerging youth prayer movements in Europe. How can we bless what God is doing? For your information: of the 47 nations in Europe 7 have a national youth prayer movement, 27 have local/regional youth prayer initiatives and 13 have no youth prayer initiative at all. A lot of prayer stuff is happening, like young Catholics in the Netherlands who set apart a whole year to pray for the Holy Spirit.

Ronald van der Molen decided to close his weblog Dutch Traveller. Too bad! At least there's one person mourning...

Wednesday, March 05, 2003


the season of lent begins today - ash wednesday. it's a time of repentance, a time of focusing afresh on god and a time of preparation for easter. neglected in some parts of the church, but in others one of the most important times in the church calendar. at grace we are running a lentblog. someone from the community will be posting food for thought/prayer/reflection for the forty days of lent. do join with us.....

Tuesday, March 04, 2003

Struggling with God

Who could ever have this stupid idea that God is a man-made reflection of our desires and ideas? Feuerbach did not know the living God who is ever so often different from what you want him to be... An excellent article in German "Do not let God go", based on Jacob´s struggle with the Almighty (ending up in a painful injury) by my old friend Jens Kaldewey spoke to me directly. Right now, it´s not so much the success stories that mean something to me but the struggle of the great Saints with their God; like Theresa of Avila who said "God, if that is the way you treat your friends, no wonder you have so few". Undoubtedly, the mistake is always on our side. But God is not an easy partner. No wonder - He is God! Maybe there are some of you out there reading this blogspot who are secretly dissapointed by God or by what they thought was God. Tell him your pain, struggle with him - but stick to him!