Wednesday, December 11, 2002

The anglican minister phoned yesterday. The community I'm part of, Graceway have been exploring moving from a rented hall to their church as a place to develop our arts and spirituality dreams. If you're a regular kingdom space blog reader, you'll also know that I've been having coffee with Jackie Sewell, who wants to start an arts and spirituality centre (Amaze) for teenagers. We've been exploring the mutually benefical aromas.

The anglicans rang to suggest to us a joint lease - Jackie in the manse, Graceway in the church and are having an emergency meeting before Christmas to approve this if we want, possibly taking possession late January.

So a few months of vague dreamings over coffee could suddenly be a reality. Graceway leadership are meeting on Friday to talk. Graceway community are talking by email, having checked out the building a few weeks ago. It's all happening very quickly. Please pray that decisions made are cool for all and that all feel involved as much as they want to be.

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