Thursday, March 04, 2004

Everythings a'changing

Hi everyone, this is Andrew. I want to thank everyone for contributing to this discussion over the past (almost) two years. This blog will be winding down and will pop up on another blog system (Typepad) that will enable us to do some new things and do all things better.
The theme will continue to be what God is doing around the world. I will try to get more non-Western bloggers to be involved this time- something that I had tried to do but never succeeded.
The conversation level will also be upgraded to an in-depth discussion of missiology in the global emerging culture. I will be sending out invitations shortly, and if you would like to be one of the bloggers who contributes to this conversation, then please email me tallskinnykiwi at
The name may stay the same (or you could suggest a new name) but the address will change - i will put a link here when we have it.
Sometime this month.
Thanks everyone.

Andrew Jones

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