Sunday, June 06, 2004

Random Blogger Strikes Again!

I checked out my other neglected blog, and decided to change my template. After doing that I started checking out the other blogs that I have been neglecting to look at for quite some time. Lo and behold, I check out a kingdom space and what do I see? It is the exact same template that I picked for my blog. Well, to save embarrassment, I quickly changed my template. I was looking at the pink one with the Barbie head, but thought different when I thought of explaining the whole story to my kids. (Just doing this is wearing me out. I'm weak....)

I have been making failed attempts to get into blogging on a regular basis. My last post anywhere was in March! Before that it has been touch and go.

I am at a transition in my life. My father passed away in November, I have been feeling the push of God to move into pastoral counseling (the call that I have been ignoring until recently) and find myself reevaluating my priorities. I am sure of one thing..God has yet again picked a fool to do something. I would like to sit back and watch it unfold, but He won't let me.

I leave with 2 things.
1. Check out my blog...(please)Leave comments/criticisms etc..
2. As the "emerging" church are we becoming more missional? And if we are, do we then become submergent?