Saturday, June 08, 2002

alan, good question:

interesting, is it not, that we spend the better part of 18 years telling children that they are not allowed in "grown-up church" only to ask why, as adults, they are not in church? the reasons?

1. kids cry! praise God, some expression of emotion in church.
2. kids squirm! after a 40 minute boring sermon and dead songs - I SQUIRM.
3. kids don't understand! heck, 99% of the times adults don't understand (and the 1% they do, they don't get it right.)

i remember one of the very first churches i served as solo pastor (i was going to say "pastor solo" but then figured that would be too "star war-ie") i gave a "children's message" (usual a sign that we were about to kick the kids out of the church) after the service an elderly man came to me and said that that was the very first time in 50 years he actually understood what was being said. too many churches take to heart the kjv of scripture where it says "suffer the children unto me" - not remembering that the word "suffer" has changed in meaning. we need to embrace our children, the best way a child can learn to pray is to see their parents pray; the best way a child can learn how to be a cheerful giver, is to see their parents give with a cheerful heart. it does not matter how "cool" our children's program is, during worship - nothing is cooler then seeing tour parents worship a loving and true God.

- just my thoughts.

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