Friday, June 07, 2002

what do we do with the kids!?

That's a huge question for a lot of us who are planting churches in a new paradigm. Do we have "Sunday School"? Do we put them in a different house or room with a baby sitter if we're doing house church? What!? It seems the answer is coming back to a good many of us that it is high time the kids be treated as part of the community and allowed to participate in community activities, meetings, etc. like the adults. It's an integral part of the new ecclesiastical revolution if you ask me. So, how does that look? How? Rob Graham from Levi's Table e-mailed me about this, suggesting a new forum to discuss this. I thought - team blog! So we have started a new blog devoted to the ongoing discussion what do we do with the kids!? Take a look - you may even want to be a part. We have people already from one end of the US to the other, and New Zealand.

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