Tuesday, June 18, 2002

Author Douglas Rushkoff (Cyberia, Ecstasy Club, Media Virus, etc.) recently posted a fascinating piece about the renaissance occurring in global culture today -- tying together loose ends from art, mathematics and physics, media and of course the Internet. He writes about the change in perspective brought about by Renaissance art, and compares that to the multiplicity of perspectives occurrring in culture today. Here's a snippet: The evidence of today's renaissance is at least as profound as that of the one that went before. The16th Century saw the successful circumnavigation of the globe via the seas. The 20th century saw the successful circumnavigation of the globe from space. The first pictures of earth from space changed our perspective on this sphere, forever. In the same century, our dominance over the planet was confirmed not just through our ability to travel around it, but to destroy it. The atomic bomb (itself the result of a rude dimensional interchange between submolecular particles) gave us the ability to destroy the globe. Now, instead of merely being able to circumnavigate "God's" creation, we could actively destroy it. This is a new perspective. From his essay "Renaissance now?"

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