Monday, July 29, 2002

Churchless faith - coming and going from evangelical churches

don't know if you've come across the book 'churchless faith' by alan jamieson. it's a piece of research of in depth interviews with people who have left (mainly evangelical/pentecostal churches) as to why they left and how they are pursuing faith now. it's both fascinating and compelling.

anyway the author/researcher is in london in sept giving a lecture/seminar at kings university. i attach details below that pete ward sent me. if you are interested in going e-mail pete

Got Alan Jamieson author of Churchless Faith coming to The Theology Mission and Culture Seminar at Kings College London on 25th Sept 12:30-2:00

The session will be in The Department of Education and Professional Studies, Waterloo Bridge Wing The Franklin Wilkins Building.There will be posters in the Lobby giving a room number.

Alan is from New Zealand and his recently published book is about the spiritual journeys of evangelicals who have left the Church. This is obviously a key area for most of us to consider. His paper is titled Churchless faith - coming and going from evangelical churches

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