Tuesday, July 02, 2002


Sometimes it feels like I'm gliding on something so huge, so "of God", that it takes my breath away. Reading everybody's blogs, listening to stories, yearning for some fresh wind of the Spirit that is blowing so strong right now in our world - it's huge. And it's small. An orange house in Prague. A woman winging it in Seattle - a postmodern Lutheran! who would have thought it. Prayer ministers. Artists. Theologians. It's a great time to dance, to knock off a few sacred cows. It's huge, but it seems rather simple, too. I often try to make things complex, but having a little God party in your home - it takes a little planning (who's bringing the potato salad?), but it can also just kind of flow. We're getting a hot tub tomorrow, and my wife and I both thought, "now there's the start of a great house church!". Peace and blessings.

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