Tuesday, July 30, 2002

who lives next door?

i spent the weekend in the san francisco/oakland area this past weekend and i found out something very interesting. i was looking for a particular church and only had a general cross streets as a location (14th and market). as i was searching for this church i decided to stop and ask some of the other churches where the church was. i approached a roman catholic church and through a small inforced window the women told me that she thought that they were the only church in the area. i turned around and right across the street was a very large lutheran church - they ministered in the same city, on the same street on blocks next to each other and believe it or not, neither knew the other was there. the luthern church had no idea where the other church was, and had no idea there was a roman catholic church across the street - how could this be? then it dawned on me - most of us have no idea who lives next door to us, so what makes me think the church would be any different? (pastor john)

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