Sunday, January 12, 2003


Yes - I just looked at foneblog - looks great - our blogging engine is called bluelog and will be available soon. Jarda, who is a part of our community here and lives in our basement, is adding the final touches - like support for many languages. 2 weeks ago, Yarda took over as CEO of ATLAS.CZ, one of the largest web portals in Czech Republic. He now has a lot more work to do, with a staff of 40 people and 2 million subscribers - he has his work cut out for him. He will be connecting his blogging engine with his portal, but has promised that we can all use it. Now I just need to get a mms phone that will allow me to either capture images at a low resolution or reduce them small enough to use.
Speaking of technology, I was thinking of roadtesting Apple's new Keynote presentation software at a conference in Switzerland next month, although I will probably use Arkaos VJ 2.2 which is my next step up from G-Force, which i have used for 3 years.
Anyone else using VJ software for presentation. digital storytelling or preaching?

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