Saturday, January 04, 2003

been thinking lately about leadership in the church lately and how money and all that have created a problem we cant solve. it seems the church is full of people who have been trained to do nothing but ministry. there is nothing wrong with this yet i feel it may be one fo the causes for the church's inability or unwillingness to change traditional ministry models. i may be way off with this but maybe its a dose of self preservation at work in all this reluctance to change. i have been feeling lately that the whole professional staff model just doesn't work. when all your income, identity and ego is tied up in professional ministry and there is nothing else for you to do to support yourself then there may be a fear to change anything about the system, even when you know it doesn't work. did God ever intend for us to create a class of professionals in the church that can do nothing but ministry. i know there are many people who don't fall in this quandary but i keep hearing some pretty lame excuses form people in the tractional system when they are confronted with a need to change, we change programs, worship styles, curriculum but ignore more basic issue like structural adjustments that need to be made. the church needs to change or large portions of it will die in the next few decades. but if we have created a system that so many depend on for sustenance is there any hope of it happening.

i would love to hear your thoughts about this, am i full of it?

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