Friday, August 30, 2002

Early registration for Soularize ends tomorrow. This is going to be a hoot but I dont think I can make it this year, even though I have a lot of friends who will be there.
I am also bummed that I cant make it to TOMFEST which starts today I think. Actually, they changed the name to Portico.
Tim is leading the DJ night and he asks for prayer:
Tim and Xeia say:
"Really we are simply a group of freaks who have found a niche this year :) we would appreciate prayer!
please pray about the festival, it IS a Christian-run fest, most of the bands are followers of the Way, but there are humans there, and where they go, sin follows.. please pray for the impact that these bands can make, that they would be bold with His name not only on stage, but in how they walk and talk and set an example to the thousands of kids there.
please pray that this year wuld be a year of artistic discovery and worshipful release of gifts and talents.. that our humble efforts (simply a group of artist types somewhat organized intoo an installation/worship expression/interactive opportunity) would bear fruit greater than we could ever expect.. (thru Him alone..)
also, we would appreciate specific prayer for saturday night, every year at this festival they have a token 'dj' night, incorporating some aspects of dj and rave culture into the flow and stream of subculture already evident (punk, goth, hiphop, avant..everything loud and colourful).. this year we seem to have been given this task .. we hope to lift up His name, to show how not only are many lovers of Jesus in this culture, but that God inhabits the praises of His people within it's expression.
we hope to run from a contemplative possibly liturgical ambient-media environment to a loud, Jesus -celebrating expression of rhythm, colour, light, sound, texture, harmony..
in His sweet Name and arms..
tim and xea westcott"

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