Monday, August 05, 2002

Greetings of peace to those in the Way all around the world. I am posting today to ask for your prayers for some of least of these among our brothers and sisters.

I attended a Christian boarding school in Pakistan growing up. Some of the best days of my life were lived in this crazy place called Murree (named after Mary the mother of Jesus--tradition says that she traveled there with Thomas and other pilgrims after the death of her other son James in 62--there is a tomb for her in Murree). Murree Christian School was attacked by terrorists Monday. Many people were killed.

  • Please pray for the families of those killed. These deaths impact the families in many ways. The families are already a persecuted minority being poor Christians in Pakistan. With the passing of their father or older brother in this incident many have now lost their primary source of income.

  • Please pray for the continued safety of the students and staff at MCS.

  • Please pray for the families that are giving their lives and children for the message of peace in Pakistan.

  • Pray for the attackers in this incident and for fortitude for those in the Way in this situation that they would find a way to love their enemies and in so doing enact the divine in their midst.

I'll be updating my blog with links to the story as they come

Peace to you my friends,


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