Thursday, August 22, 2002

Top Ten Signs Your Group is Getting TOO Small.

10. You can follow up on all group members without leaving your house.
9. Your daughter sets out her dolls, so there is only one empty chair.
8. During Prayer time you find yourself quoting Matthew 18:20 "Where two or three are gathered..."
7. Every Chair is the empty chair.
6. Your usual waitress at the restaurant where your weekly men's small group meets asks, "Will anyone be joining you this week?"
5. You over hear your son explain to a friend, "Naw, she doesn't always talk to herself. Just during small group discussions."
4. You say, "Tonight we're going to pray for the empty room." instead of the empty chair.
3. When you join in prayer and you have to hold your own hand.
2. You decide to grow the group by encouraging schizophrenia.
1. Worship involves: You, a guitar, and 5 cardboard cutouts.

-from Volume 1, Issue 14 of Small Group Dynamics-Byte Size, a free twice a month email from The Small Group Network @ .

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