Monday, November 11, 2002

8 mile and eminem

the music of eminem has caputerd more than the imagination of out culture. i listen to it and it grabs most of me. kids love it and their parents hate it won't let them listen etc and once again we push them away. maybe its the pain, the honesty, the beat, but his music hooks me. its narrative, its powerful and its teaching us about who we really are, hate filled and fearful. is it that a mild and invisible kid has made it so big rapping about his pain filled life, it makes me wonder if he were black would we be so concerned, it might be expected of a kid from the inner city. not trying to incite anything just a question, does it scare us so much becuz he was so every kid growing up and any of our kids or even us for that matter could be where he is. it is a great opportunity to talk to kids about it, i have already had several conversations about it with my two oldest boys 17 & 14, they love the music yet are concerned what it tells their peers to be and act out. just some thoughts

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