Monday, November 11, 2002

something to talk about

Teen boys in my neighborhood were overly excited about the new Eminem movie, 8 Mile, just released. The movie has exploded. I didn't want them to see it, but then realized that they were going to see it and all of their friends were going to see it - it's the event of the month. So I spent some good time the next day asking them about the movie, deconstructing it with them. But clearly this guy has captured the collective imagination of a nation of restless youth: "8 Mile" opened at $50 million+ this weekend. I'm praying for opportunities to reflect on biblical values and perspective and to share the Gospel with the many who identify Em's story.

Photo at right is of Eminem in middle school

Update: It was a bunch of little Mexican guys who were really excited about the movie. I gotta go figure that one out. Especially as the film distributors estimate that 20% of the audience was Latino.

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