Sunday, November 10, 2002

Welcome to the relaunching weekend of A Kingdom Space. These are the changes for this weekend (so far):

1. Christmas colours to celebrate the season. Thanks to Jim for his great painting

2. New bloggers. You will read their entries and will see links to their blogs in the right column next week.

2. I dumped the archives and opened up the entire history of the site, all the way back to the first blog entry in April. You can now read the whole conversation and watch it develop. Where we're going, we dont need . . archives!

3. I added a Google search engine.

4. I added a comments section, on the advice of Jonny B who got it from Paul Prodigal Fromont.

- Can someone please help me out. Go to comments and donate $14 to - Pay Pal will not let me pay at the moment because they do not recognize Czech Republic - which means all my Pay Pal money (and I do have some) is locked up in their system and making them all rich off the interest - all because I happen to be in Prague and not Portland or Preoria. If one of you does this, all our readers will not be hit up for a donation - and I do want to keep the site commercial free. Thanks.

As you read through the site, please feel welcome to add comments and links.This way we can extend the conversation out into other countries, contexts, narratives, etc. Lets build out this site laterally as well as chronologically, or synchronically as well as diachronically (to apply Saussurean linguistitic theory) . . .or . . . in other words . . .
OK . . how 'bout . . . . just go ahead and enjoy the site. Yeah!

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