Saturday, November 02, 2002

House Party

One account of the house party last week in Switzerland that we attended from Derek and Amy's blog.
"House party in Lausanne extravagant! The mansion-the Mercy Ship Y-Wam base- surrounded by vast fields of whispering cow bells...Bryce had filmed the front of the house and was projecting it onto the house at the same angle he filmed it, creating an eerie virtual effect which you walked through and into. Into a house with many bands, VJs and DJs doing their thing in an electrically alive manner, and all the while the Presence of The Almighty hovering. Truly a blast-and we all felt like stars! Seeing Andrew's house in Prague being sampled from, and our lives being mixed as part of the international celebration of being Christ followers transnational, transdenominational, transcendant-in short, it rocked! Isn't it just good to line up in this great and funky army of The Almighty! " A longer report is at Tallskinnykiwi

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