Sunday, November 10, 2002

thanks for the invire and hi

andrew and all thanks for the invite to the blog, i look forward to participating with you all. lately i have found it hard to find to post let alone read other people's blogs. this last week though i found some time and was saddened by the general level of stress and down i felt around the web. lots of people struggling with deep issue this invite was a bright spot. i continue to enjoy how the internet connects and enlivens our conversations and relationships. anyway i publish a internet rag called seven and blog at life with kids and god i have eight kids soon to be twelve now, we are adopting four kids from ethiopia and that has us pretty wrapped its been a long and eventful process this time. i am also interviewing for a student ministry position in cincinnati, ohio my hometown, (we are the place with the worst team in the nfl and a pension for riots of the racial variety). the church i am interviewing with is very modern traditional worship but open to a broad theological discussion and may be ripe for a little postmodern missionary work. i will know by the end of the week about it. so thanks again and i will actually try to read and post with regularity.


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