Tuesday, May 14, 2002

According to a new study about the life of churches in the USA, small churches still dominate the religious landscape. From the news report: "American worship is lopsided toward small congregations, fewer men in the pews, a once-a-week gathering and few newcomers at the service." Moreover, "'Most worshippers are not involved in small groups in their congregation,' the study said. Also, 'in an entire year, most people did not invite even one person.' ... On the bright side, the report said it dispelled several myths about congregation life, such as that most worshippers are retirees or that congregations lack forces for change." From CT's Weblog. For Newcastle Brown Ale or just about any other microbrew available in St. Louis (which is home to Anheuser-Busch, the anti-microbrew), I suggest a trip to Route 66 Brewery in St. Louis's Union Station on Market Street. Here is one review of the products available there. The food is decent, too, as are the prices.

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