Tuesday, May 14, 2002

look, up in the sky..... it's a bird...... it's a plain........ no it's punk monkey - and he's wearing some stupid towel (red, with blue flowers) and a diaper. i know, it seems strange to have such an opening - punk monkey's don't wear diapers - gosh, that's rich. anyway, i got to thinking today - as i often do on off tuesdays - that we seem to put such stock in heroes of past - you know the fallen heroes, and the "perfect heroes." i remember a few months ago i wrote an article (shameless plug for ginkworld) an article saying that superman was not a hero - well, he ain't - how much of a hero do you need to be if you run into a burning building with full knowledge that nothing will hurt you? just the rambling thoughts of a punk monkey -

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