Thursday, May 02, 2002

a "new" way of evangelism

I am, we are, I think alot of people are - wrestling with a new way to do evangelism. It's new for what many of us have been trained to do anyway - probably not "new" as a whole. I mean I seem not to be the only one who's trying to look past that cold-call, bring people to a crisis decision quickly, kind of thing - on to a much slower, relational connection, walking with people on a long journey inward kind of thing. I hope that makes sense.

Not feeling like you haven't done successful evangelism because you don't have a list of 20 people who've been "saved" in the last 6 months. Maybe you've built some beginning relationships with 3 new people who are outside the Kingdom in that time, and you have begun to "be Jesus" to them over the long haul. Then at some point perhaps it becomes more "official" and they enter a period of cathechesis, of teaching and pre-formation, pre-belonging to the community of faith, and then they are a full member of Christ and the community. See what I mean?

I think the Catholics and Anglicans among us may have a little greater understanding of this. Looks like we all need to learn from each other - that God works and speaks everywhere and we need not to block Him off at the pass.

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