Monday, May 13, 2002

urban, suburban, rural, does it matter???

I was ranting on my blog on Saturday about the fact that I - yes I - live in the suburbs. Oh my Gaaawwwwdd!!! I won't go on and on about it here again. I probably did too much there. The question that arises out of my thoughts and talking to other friends is this: Where are we? Where are we who are (what are we anyway?) - who are trying to do this "nuevo church" thing - to reinvent how the community of Christ is lived out on the planet??? Are we all in the inner city? Are we all doing exactly the same things in the same ways? I think the obvious answer is no -> I point to my brother's reference to "liking rainbows" below. Some of us live in the suburbs. Some of us like it and not because we are greedy, self-absorbed, isolationist Christians. Most of the people in my neighborhood are around my age actually. I think we just live where we live. As I said the other day, we who are in the Kingdom need to be anywhere there are those outside the Kingdom - we need to infect every neighborhood and village."

I'm excited about meeting a bunch of wild people in St. Louis at Search Party in a few days. Just being together with people who are as weird as I am for a little while will be a good thing. See you there!

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