Saturday, April 27, 2002

...aaaand we're off!

Hey people - PEOPLE! PEOPLE!! I'm glad you've all come together here today to see the unveiling of such an ultra cool thing - akingdomspace. Where is akingdomspace? Everywhere! If you answered anything else, please restart the quiz and begin again. We are everywhere. We are at Search Party. We are in Lexington, Kentucky, USA - at least this part of "we" is, are, whatever.. I think this will be an amazing touchpoint for many in the world to be able to see whaas hatnin'.

I've actually never used Blogger before. My blog (there's that funky word again - is next week the due date for a new term?) I was saying, my "blaaahhhg" is independent - meaning it's not "powered by blogger." It's powered my me. I'm a web designer so it was easier for me that way.

Here I am though - part of the team. I'm glad to be here. Thanks, Andrew, for asking me to be part of this thing. I'm in the ongoing process of planting a new faith community in Lexington - it's called Vine & Branches Christian Community. Some kind of hybrid between cells and house churches - relational ministry - integrating ancient liturgical "stuff" with new freeform "stuff" - et cetera. We're a small group that meets in my home. We go to bars and coffee houses - we drink beer and coffee. We wait for God to connect us with people here.

I'm married to Liz, for 14 years next month - yeee haw! I'm 35 years old. We have 4 great kids from 12 to 6 - busy life. I also know that Kevin character down there and the folks at Vineyard Central. God brought us together a year ago and we love these guys. We're learning from them. The way God has been connecting me with so many people around the states and world who are doing/seeing/thinking similar things is amazing. I look forward to much more of this. God's Grace be with you!

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