Sunday, April 28, 2002

Media and worship media

A friend who I work with and I have been frustrated over the price of what some ministries are charging for just basic worship and media images. We thought it would be cool just to give Lakeview's weekend and teaching stuff away so we put together all of the original and royalty free stuff that we have used (we also use comp images that we can't distribute) and post them online for free. You can find them here. There is generic title slides (Lakeview logos have been taken out) and some background slides (for teaching and worship). All are set up around a metaphor. We know how strapped churches can be financially and I have been priviledged to work with a really talented artist so spread the word and steal the images if they are worth while. Everything is free and we hope to add another 30-40 weeks of images a year. If you know of any churches that are struggling in the area of media images, let them know of the site.

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