Sunday, April 28, 2002


Hey Alan, you guys drink beer?! Is this allowed for christians? ;-)

We JesusFreaks also have good connections to Vineyard, to Manhattan Vineyard. Mike Turrigiano, his wife Char and others often visited us last years. They are kind of spiritual parents for us. Last visit has been at Easter, at our annual leader meeting. Very nice and caring people!

At our meeting Taade (one of the guys who has been in Chile, see below) told us from these guys in Chile. He said, it's exactly the same we have in Germany - it's just another language. And it was very funny to hear of their festival, and to hear they called it Christock - similar to Freakstock. (BTW: From 1999 to 2000 we've had Froststock, a small festival, or should I better say freezetival, at the same place where Freakstock happens.) God bless these guys there! I hope some day I can meet them, see what happens there...

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