Tuesday, April 30, 2002

moving right along

Beer drinking Christians, dogs walking around, sitting around, tongues hanging out of windows eating bugs. What is all this? What are we seeing? It's not all tidy and neet and quantifyable is it. I don't even totally know what I'm saying. This is our life - going around trying to see what we can see, as clearly as possible - to hear rightly - and still not totally knowing. That's fine though.

We're finding out that we're "in process" and don't have to "be there" yet. We're being on a journey and we're finding partners to travel with. We're starting not to say "come on in the church, this is the end of the line, we're all perfect here, and if you're not we don't really want to fool with you too much." We are learning that a thought process like that is total crap and we're casting the crap aside. Didn't the Catholics figure out long ago that you can have a beer and be a follower of Jesus at the same time? Do they even think twice about it? Or is it just American evangelical Christians who have gotten hung up like that?

Am I rambling? Yes. The newest wave of emerging church leaders, apostolic planters, etc. are breaking those old molds. They don't (we don't) even recognize the molds any more. "Oh, we were supposed to be poured into some freakin' mold and be like you guys - I'm sorry." We're sorry, but we won't be poured. We won't be molded - not by that. We will get those molds, those shells out of the way so God can get His hands on us and make us into something that possibly even the "church" won't be able to fully recognize. Let's become unrecognizable - Jesus did.

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