Monday, April 29, 2002

the dog story: a dog is walking down the road. as he walks, he notices that as he moves his feet the trees move. "feet move, trees move; feet move, trees move" he thought to himself - he is happy, life is good. then, after his walk, he sits down and starts to wonder over the events that just happened. but, as he sits he notices that when his butt is down the trees stop moving. "butt down, trees not move; butt down, trees not move," he thought to himself - he is happy. he thought to himself, "my world is complete - legs move, trees move; butt down, trees don't move." all life came to an understanding and he was happy, and the world had meaning - all he has is defined by his walk, tree, sit, tree life style - everything is centered, he knew his purpose.

one day as the dog was sitting on his butt contemplating the world around him, his master called him for a trip to the beach - the dog had never gone to the beach, and he was excited about seeing all that he had heard about. as he lay on the back set of the car he was happy - the world was good; his life had meaning and he was off to the beach. as the car approached a light and stopped the dog picked up his head and looked around - all was good, the world was centered; he laid back down to sleep. the ride was long, and as the car was driving down the freeway the dog looked out the window - and his world fell apart before him. his butt was down, but the trees were moving - this was impossible, and against all he knew - how could this be? the dogs world needed to be redefined.

did you ever notice that some dogs riding in the back seat of a car just can't sit still as the car is moving? that's because, as long as they keep moving they do not need to redefine the world around them.

modern people are dogs living a complete life, some are pacing around the back seats of cars, ignoring the change that is taking place around them - postmodern people are riding in the back of the car. some are walking around, trying to keep their world in a logical order, like moderns - while a great many of us are riding with our faces out the windows and our tongues hanging out in the wind. yea, it can get sloppy, and on occasion we get a bug in the mouth - but it's fun and we are loving it. punk monkey

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