Friday, April 26, 2002

Checking in...

I guess we're supposed to introduce ourselves in this first blog. At least that's what everyone else is doing. So here's the boring formalities...My name is Mike Bishop and I am a church planter (sounds like an AA meeting - I often feel church planting is one long AA meeting). To be more accurate, I am a willing participant in the Church God is building in West Palm Beach, Florida. My wife and I moved here last year, had a baby boy, and started a baby church. Somewhere along the way I decided to launch a website to chronicle our journey and called it We were inspired to start blogging by everybody's blogging hero - Andrew Jones himself. I say "we" because ours is a community blog like akingdomspace.

Okay, now that the formalities are over, let the fun begin. It seems to me that one of the common pieces to the "where do we go from here" puzzle seems to be a theological and practical (those should bleed into each other, right?) understanding that "the Kingdom of God is among us." Two of my heroes (and literary mentors) at this stage in my life are N.T. Wright and Dallas Willard. They have been valuable friends on our journey this past year. I believe, unless we grapple with the implications that the Gospel of Jesus is "The Kingdom is here and available for real life," we will simply be repackaging the consumer spiritualities the modern church helped to create. That's what I'm thinking about most days...well, that and changing dirty diapers.

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