Thursday, April 25, 2002


"Proclaim every day the good news that we are saved. Proclaim his glory to the nations, his mighty deeds to all people" (1 Chronicles 16). This is what David said to the Levites when he charged them with the responsibility of singing praises to God.
Today I have to do the same thing. There are about 20 bloggers that are in tune with what God is doing in their world and I will be asking them to put their voices together on one blog page. It will eventually be released on (not there yet so dont go there, uh uh, dont go there, girlfriend). I expect there to be 100 bloggers soon and having them speak from all over the world will be a great way of making known what God is doing.
BTW - the word "praise" means to publically acknowledge. Praise is not praise unless it is shared or made public. It is also something that we do to each other, not to God. The word "Hallelujah" means 'Hey you, go ahead and publically acknowlege Yahweh.' I think Blogging will become a great way to do that.

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