Thursday, April 25, 2002

Hi, I am Jakob Salzmann from Germany, 22 years old. When Andrew asked me for blogging here, my first thought was ...eeh, which was my first thought? But I remember my feelings, I was very excited - for he was asking me! Wow. But the longer I thought about, I asked myself: Who am I for that he asks me to take part at this great blog project?! I am just a boring student at a theological seminary which is in a small village at the ass of the world, as we say in Germany. The next city is just a small city, only 6000 people live there. And the next bigger city is Cologne, hours away, and I get there just may be one or two times a year. Normal people, I mean people who don't know anything of God I just meet in holidays (three times a year). At this seminary everything is about schoolstuff, about theology. We talk, for example, about the structure of verse 4 in Psalm 32 and we spend hours, I mean weeks! in discussing the role of women in church, or about what Barth thinks about dialectic. And this continues at our homes. (We live together as students in private houses...) For example today in the kitchen Andi asked me about my lecture I've had in NT Theology about how Bultmann and others understood λογος in John 1,1ff. This is our everyday life. Well, really not interesting for people who read this blog, isn't it? We just hang around on our "holy hill", don't know what is going on outside.

What I want to say is that I really don't know if I have to tell you anything. I am actually not really involved in any network. Well, I am a JesusFreak, and there I am part of WorldWidePizzaService, which is our mission section - but it is just small, there doesn't really happen big things. (I mean in WWPS, not at JesusFreaks. JesusFreaks: We have a very nice festival in summer: Freakstock. Ask Andrew...)

I sent Andrew a mail and said, sorry, but I am not the right man. Like Moses, in Ex 4,13: "O Lord, please send someone else to do it." What should I have to share with you? Later I thought about it, and I remembered my prayer: "...enlarge my territory." (you know it, Jabez, 1 Chr 4,10) May this invitation to blog here be an answer? O Lord, it is too big! But Jabez' prayer continues: "Let your hand be with me." And I also remembered Moses, who had to hear answer an angry God, who wanted Moses and not someone else to go. Just trust and go when God calls you.

So, that's why I am here at all. I will try to blog here, guessing it is Gods will.
I hope we get to know us better. See you!

(Hi Andrew - this is my revocation!)

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